Open Hole Multi Stage Stimulation
Immediate System Savings
The Zone Seeker system design eliminates the need for pup joints, off site makeup, and heavy duty transport to the wellsite – significantly reducing costs to the operators while eliminating many potential leak paths at thread connections.

Reduced Rig Time Savings
The Zone Seeker system features the industry’s shortest tool components, with the smallest ODs. This results in many hours of rig time saving during system installation:
Well bore can be more quickly and easily conditioned, with a reduced size reamer.
Compact, lightweight components can be staged on rig floor and installed by hand.
Elimination of pup joints and compact size of components ensures liner string is more flexible – liner can be run quickly to bottom even in less than ideal hole conditions.

Reliability of Deployment
The Zone Seeker liner string assembly is inherently more flexible than other systems allow. Hole drag is reduced to a minimum, ensuring that liners get to TD every time.

Increased Rig Floor Safety
Since the Zone Seeker™ system does not use pup joints each component is easily handled and made up onto the liner by hand. This completely eliminates the need for rig personnel to handle long heavy components which due to their length ultimately require the use of step ladders, handrails or other unsafe methods in order to make up the components.

Positive Zonal Isolation

Case histories including detailed pressure pumping charts confirm that the Zone Seeker™ system positively achieves 100% isolation both internally and externally at every stage. A single ball is all that is ever required to activate a given stage and activation of each sleeve is clearly indicated at every stage, every time.

Fast Easy Removal Of Seats

Real world field data combined with verification testing where actual ball seats were drilled out on surface under simulated down hole conditions confirm that packers and other tools may be easily and safely run into the liner for remedial work such as re-frac’s after drilling out the seats. Additionally the nature of the cuttings produced during drill out are of such fine grain as to be easily removed from the well bore.


When Choosing Your Multi-Stage Provider Don’t Settle For Anything Less:

  • Operating Costs Savings
  • Reliable Deployment
  • Dependable Equipment
  • Safety

    Advanced Open Hole Multi‐Stage Stimulation System


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