May 2013

The Patent Pending Zone Seeker ball activated multi-stage system was recently used to complete and fracture stimulate several wells at extreme depths and pressure in North West China.  The first well was drilled to a measured depth of 6490m with a vertical depth of 3300m.  The second well was drilled to a measured depth of 7190m with a vertical depth of 4700m.  In each well a Zone Seeker multi-stage liner system was ran to full depth and set without incident.  Subsequent fracturing operations were successful and well production commenced immediately upon completion of stimulation operations.  The leading edge design concepts inherent in the Zone Seeker system are credited with allowing trouble free deployment to such extreme depths and thereafter allowing extreme high pressure fracture stimulations at over 10,000 psi (69 mpa) true differential pressure achieving 100% total zonal isolation at each stage.