March 2018



There is a lot of talk these days about quality management systems and rightly so. Operators need to know they are using products that are guaranteed to be of ultra-high and ultra-consistent quality and that all aspects of every product from design to delivery are subject to industry standard practices and qualification. Many suppliers boast of having quality management systems while in fact these are often simple home-made attempts that do not follow the stringent policies governed by Industry bodies such as API and ISO and do not undergo scrutiny and audit and are unaccredited by these bodies.

Resource Well Completion Technologies lead the industry with quality systems that are audited and certified by API and ISO to ensure operators receive the absolute highest and most consistent documented quality available anywhere in the world. Resource is certified to the following quality management criteria.


API SPEC 11D1 - V0

ISO 9001:2015

Resource are the only company in the history of the Canadian Oil and Gas industry ever to achieve certification to API’s highest possible quality rating, the ultra-stringent 11D1 – V0, and are one of only seven manufacturers on the entire North American continent ever to have achieved this certification.

If quality is important to you, let’s talk. We would be happy to provide you with an in depth look into the world of API and ISO quality management systems and how Resource applies this level of quality to every product we produce.

These milestones propel Resource into an elite league of manufacturers and suppliers able to demonstrate the most stringent levels of quality management, quality control and continual improvement.  As one of only 8 companies in all of North America to have achieved API’s 11D1 certification for downhole packers and accessories, Resource can be counted on to provide customers with products, equipment and services that are of the absolute highest quality available anywhere in the oil and gas industry.

Click here to see our certificates (add a link that brings up the certs).

Click here to see our certificates