About Us

Our Mission
As a world leader in the global oil & gas Industry offering a reliable source of high quality, technically advanced, cost effective completion equipment together with the industry's highest caliber on site service technicians and ongoing application support, Resource Well Completion Technologies shall continually strive to exceed customer expectations in all areas of operation.

Our Philosophy
Complete customer satisfaction and continual improvement in all facets of our business are of the highest importance.  Quality, safety, environmental responsibility, customer relationships and integrity in all business functions shall never be compromised under any circumstances. An emphasis on the quality of product designs rooted in close relationships and communication with our customers ensures fit for purpose, best in class products and services where and when needed, worldwide.

Our Scope
Resource Well Completion Technologies provides high value technology based completion, well construction, multi-stage stimulation and well servicing products and solutions. A unique approach to the integration of design, manufacturing, testing, quality, supply, service and support processes allow customers to tap into and leverage years of experience in down hole completion equipment while maintaining focus on their core competencies and business. A truly global view and reach ensures deliverability, cost effectiveness and peace of mind for customers in every corner of the world day in and day out.


Our Focus
At Resource our business is down hole completions. We live and breathe cased and open hole completions day and night, week after week, month after month, year after year.  Such focus ensures we are able to apply powerful dedicated expertise towards the design and supply of completion products along with the highest level of service and support in the oil and gas industry.
  • Products and Solutions
  • Leading Edge Technologies
  • Global Experience & Capabilities
  • High Quality, Cost Effective Solutions
  • Strategically Located Field Service Centers
  • Product Training & Support
  • Customer Partnerships
  • Cased Hole Completion Systems
  • Open Hole Completion Systems
  • Multi-Stage Stimulation Systems
  • Well Construction Equipment
  • Well Servicing Equipment
Our Customers
At Resource we understand the complex challenges faced by oil and gas operators working in real world global environments.  We believe in creating close relationships with the users of our products to ensure strong two way communication links that allow customers to fully leverage the value provided by Resource through service, support, training and fit for purpose products. Customers who require a partner who can provide high quality, cost effective completion products along with highly experienced service technicians and in depth operation and application support turn to Resource in oil and gas markets around the world.

Our People
Exceptional products that provide high value to customers can only be realized through the combined knowledge, experience and dedication of the best human resources available in the industry. The management and staff at Resource Well Completion Technologies collectively provide one of the industry’s most experienced and capable groups within the realm of down hole completion equipment design, manufacture, supply  and operation.  With over  175 years of combined experience in down hole completions on a global scale Resource’s management team  offer customers significant depth from which to draw and leverage.  Ongoing theoretical and hands on training of Resource employees ensure skills are developed to the highest levels in the pursuit of operational excellence as the minimum standard.

The Management Team

Jim Schmidt
President & Chief Executive Officer

Colin Atkinson

Vice President

Blair Wilson
Operations Manager

Chris Fairhurst
Field Operations Manager

Shane D'Arcy
Engineering Manager

Ryan Rasmussen
International Sales Manager

Todd Atkinson

Domestic Sales Manager

The Difference
At Resource we believe in providing our customers with access not only to the highest quality most reliable products in the industry, but also in providing access to one of the industry’s  most concentrated pools of down hole completion design, manufacturing and operational experience. It is access to this experience in the form of communication, service, support and training along with superior products that sets Resource apart in the industry.  Being able to design and supply products is not enough. We believe that our customers should also be able to leverage the experience that Resource offers in order to stay focused on their core business.
  • Premium Quality Products And Service
  • Emphasis On Design & Qualification Processes
  • Product Test Data & Documentation
  • Application and Operational Documentation
  • Full Spectrum In Depth Product Training
  • Ongoing Product & Application Support
  • Multi-Faceted Completion Experience on Tap
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