Cased Hole Multi Stage Stimulation
60-618 X-Frac Coil Deployed Isolation Tool
Product Overview

The X-Frac is a high performance mechanical isolation tool intended for use on coiled tubing.  The system allows the selective treatment of multiple zones in a single trip and is ideally suited for horizontal, multi-stage stimulation completions. The X-Frac is intended for use with Resource’s “Zone Striker” pressure balanced cemented or open hole frac sleeve. Since the X-Frac is a packer type tool that is fully set and then fully released after each treatment, problems associated with cup type tools are completely eliminated.  The unique design of the X-Frac tool completely eliminates the need for hook wall type packer slips and the associated “repeating” jay system required to operate slips in competing products saving operators hours of rig time during frac operations.  The X-Frac positively locates in each sleeve and simple compression packs off the sealing element.  Applied pressure opens the sleeve and fracturing operations are commenced.  After each treatment a bypass valve integral to the tool opens allowing pressure equalization and clean up of sand or debris.  The X-Frac is then simply picked up and moved to the next sleeve above, the locating device auto-locates in the sleeve and the process is repeated.


  • Shortest most compact system available ensures ease of handling and trouble free deployment in all well profiles.
  • Packer type sealing elements eliminate problems associated with cup tools.
  • No slips or jay system significantly reduces complexity and time for frac operations.
  • Integral by-pass allows equalization and clean up of sand or debris above and through the tool.
  • Down coil and down tubing versions available.
  • Auto-locates in “Zone Striker” sleeves.
  • Simple straight set down operation to pack off sealing elements.
  • Simply pick up and move to next sleeve and repeat without the need to manipulate,set or unset the tool.
  • High sand concentrations will not effect operation of the tool.
  • High performance bonded packing elememts ensure a single trip is all that is required for even the highest stage count operations.
  • Ideal for horizontal or vertical multi-zone stimulations.
  • Marker sub locator allows precise positioning and depth/coil correlation.
  • Available in corrosion resistant alloys for hostile environments.
  • Standard and premium thread connections available.
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