Cased Hole Multi Stage Stimulation
60-602 CJ Coiled Tubing Unloader Valve
Product Overview

The CJ Un-loader is a high performance pressure equalization, by-pass and circulating valve intended for use on coiled tubing.  The unique design allows operators to selectively treat multiple zones in a single trip using cup type straddle tools while eliminating many of the problems and risks associated with such tools. The CJ not only improves operational reliability and safety but also eliminates formation damage caused by bull heading of fluids as well as the risk of becoming stuck due to sand accumulation above the cup tool.  An internal mechanism in the tool allows the operator to selectively place the tool into one of four positions simply by raising or lowering the coiled tubing string.

  1. By-pass closed in tension
  2. By-pass open in tension
  3. By-pass closed in compression
  4. By-pass open in compression

When in the open position tubing to annulus communication is open and fluid may be circulated and displaced without bull heading. Also, while in the open position sand may be cleaned up above the cup tool and circulated to surface. When in the closed position tubing to annulus communication is closed and normal stimulation operations may be carried out. A novel double face seal design eliminates seal friction when opening or closing the valve so drag assemblies are not required to operate.  The CJ Un-loader is specifically intended for high sand volume applications and includes design features which ensure that sand will not impede operation of the tool. Additional accessories include a safety release sub and a swivel sub.


  • Ideal for use with cup type straddle tools.
  • Eliminates formation damage due to bull heading of fluids.
  • Eliminates stuck tools due to sand accumulation.
  • Simple up down movement of tubing to operate valve.
  • Selectively open or closed in tension and open or closed in compression.
  • Seal design allows repeated pressure unloading without damage to seals.
  • Unique double face seal eliminates seal friction.
  • Allows unlimited circulation above cup tool.
  • Unlimited open closed cycles.
  • Up to 10,000 psi (65 Mpa) pressure rating.
  • High sand concentrations will not effect operation of the tool.
  • Ideal for horizontal or vertical multi-zone stimulations.
  • Available in corrosion resistant alloys for hostile environments.
  • Standard and premium thread connections available.
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