Cased Hole Multi Stage Stimulation
60-601 MK11 Stimulation Packer
Product Overview

The MK-11 is a high performance mechanical packer intended for use on coiled tubing. The system allows the selective treatment of multiple zones in a single trip and is ideally suited for horizontal, cased liner, multi-stage stimulation completions where stimulation will take place down then annulus. The MK-11 is suited for use with perforated liner, with ported collars or where an abrasive jetting tool will be used to create communication to the annulus. Since the MK-11 is a packer type tool that is fully set and then fully released after each treatment, problems associated with cup type tools are completely eliminated. After each treatment an integral bypass valve opens allowing pressure equalization and clean up above the packing element. The MK-11 is specifically intended for high sand volume applications and includes design features which ensure that sand will not impede operation of the tool. The tool is set and packed off with tubing compression so is ideally suited for applications where pressure will be from above the tool as in annulus stimulations. Available with a blanked or open mandrel as required. An optional collar or profile locator allows precise location of the tool over perforations or ports. Additional accessories include a safety release sub, a swivel sub and a circulating sub.


  • Shortest most compact packer available ensures ease of handling and trouble free deployment in all well profiles.
  • Packer type sealing element eliminates problems associated with cup type tools.
  • Packs off with compression for annullus stimulation applications.
  • Integral by-pass valve allows pressure equalization and clean up above packing element.
  • When in the set position increased annulus pressure boosts pack off force.
  • Simple straight pick up and set down operation to change from run to set positions.
  • High sand concentrations will not effect operation of the tool.
  • Ideal for horizontal or vertical cased hole multi-zone stimulations.
  • Works with perforated casing, with ported collars or with abrasive jetting tools.
  • Optional collar or profile locator for precise positioning.
  • Blanked or open mandrel options.
  • Available circulating sub to allow circulation above blanked mandrel.
  • Available in corrosion resistant alloys for hostile environments.
  • Standard and premium thread connections available.
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