Open Hole Multi Stage Stimulation
40-420 Zone Striker Hydraulic Sleeve

Product Overview


The ZONE STRIKER is a high performance pressure balanced ported sleeve designed as an annular communication device and is part of the “ZONE STRIKER” multi-stage stimulation system. When used with Resources X-Frac tubing or annular isolation tool each sleeve is easily and positively located and independently opened accessing a pre-selected section of formation for treatment. As sleeve opening does not depend on balls or seats, an unlimited number of sleeves may be stacked in a single installation. The unique pressure balanced design of the Zone Striker sleeve ensures that the formation and any cement behind the sleeve receive an instantaneous high pressure shock wave at sleeve opening which initiates fracture propagation.  In depth testing of materials, design and geometry confirm that the Zone Striker sleeve will open reliably under all conditions including when encased in high strength cement.  At 149 cm (38”) in length and 146 mm (5.75”) OD the extremely compact Zone Striker design provides ease of handling and rig floor make up, liner string flexibility and trouble free deployment into even the most difficult well profiles. The use of pup joints is completely eliminated saving operators in hardware and makeup costs while reducing significantly rig time needed to install the sleeves. A wide variety of materials and configurations are available.


  • Industries shortest and slimest multi-stage communication sleeve ensures liner felxibility and trouble free deployment in all well profiles.
  • Compact design provides ease of handling, eliminates the need for handling joints, reduces leak paths and significantly increases rig floor safety.
  • Purpose designed for either cemented or open hole multi-stage stimulation applications.
  • Virtually unlimited stimulation intervals.
  • Pressure balanced design ensures no accidental opening of sleeves.
  • Delivers high pressure shock pulse to formation upon opening.
  • Sleeve opens in full 360 deg to allow frac propagation in all directions.
  • Unique design ensures cement will not interfere with sleeve function.
  • Fewest o-rings and leak paths of any competing product.
  • Accommodates high volume, high pressure abrasive proppant fracture treatments.
  • Full mono-bore I.D. through the sleeve at all times without drill out.
  • Communication port flow area equal to liner ID area.
  • Field adjustable opening pressure.
  • Available in corrosion resistant alloys for hostile environments.
  • Standard and premium thread connections

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