Open Hole Multi Stage Stimulation
40-418 TDJ Tri-Jay Disconnect

Product Overview


The TJD is a high performance purpose built On/Off designed to work as a disconnect & connection point for the “ZONE SEEKER” system. The TJD can be utilized as either the “running tool” for installing the system or at the end of the frac string. The TJD gives the operator the ability to rotate the pipe connected below while in compression or tension aiding in multilateral entry or torquing through the cased hole packer. The design eliminates complexity and operates simply by either auto engaging with compression into the overshot/ receptacle or disengaging with right hand turn mid stroke of the Jay. Dual bonded seals on the bottom end ensure pressure is maintained throughout the duration. Standard configuration are P110 equivalent. Alternate materials and configurations are available for severe environments and higher differential pressure ratings.


  • Auto Engage, Right Hand Out
  • Dual bonded seals to ensure pressure integrity and prevent fluid unloading damage
  • Integral mule shoe end helps guide TJD into place.
  • Internal chamfer on mule shoe prevents remedial tools from catching
  • Purpose designed for open hole multi-stage stimulation applications.
  • Optional shear screw to ensure the latch does not prematurely disengage.
  • Full mono-bore I.D. through latch
  • Available in corrosion resistant alloys for hostile environments.
  • Standard and premium thread

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