Open Hole Multi Stage Stimulation
40-417 SBR Single Blade Reamer

Product Overview


The Resource Single Blade Tapered Reamer is designed to gauge the open hole section of a horizontal well bore prior to installing the Resource “ZONE SEEKER™” multi-stage stimulation system. The SBR features 3 right hand spiral blades with a total length matching the longest components of the Zone Seeker system. Utilizing the SBR Reamer greatly increases the chances of successfully deploying the Zone Seeker System to target depth and should be performed on every job. At an overall length of 44in. (1.12m) and an OD of 5.875in. (149.23mm). The SBR reamer is the shortest and slimmest in the market and ensures minimal rig time and safe operations.


  • Industries Shortest and slimmest tapered blade Reamer
  • Mimics the “ZONE SEEKER™” multi-stage stimulation system tool dimensions
  • 4” FH Box x Pin thread connection
  • External carbide profile matches or is greater than OH packer, Versa Sleeve, DeltaPort, Activation Sub & Float Shoe
  • Easy to handle
  • Sufficient spacing above and below the blades for makeup purposes
  • Reamer gauge to ensure blades have not worn below gauge

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