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25-251 RP10 Bridge Plug

Product Overview


The RP10 is a high performance cast iron bridge plug designed for applications requiring a temporary or permanent casing or tubing plug at differential pressures of up to 10,000 psi (69 mpa). The RP10 is designed for wireline setting using an E4 or equivalent setting tool and the appropriate adapter. Alternatively the plug may be set on coiled or conventional tubing using hydraulic setting assemblies and the appropriate adapter.

The RP10 is manufactured from cast components which are easily milled/drilled should removal of the plug become necessary. As standard the RP10 is supplied with Nitrile packing elements for temperatures of up to 300 F. Alternate elastomers are available upon request to accommodate higher temperatures. Case hardened slips ensure the plug sets securely in all tubing grades.



  • Cost effective and reliable.
  • Full 360 deg metal back up rings contain the packing element under high pressure and temperature.
  • Slip system securely holds loads from above and below.
  • Packing element holds pressures from above and below.
  • Wide variety of elastomer options available.
  • Available in corrosion resistant alloys for hostile environments.
  • Up to 10,00 psi differential pressure rating. *
  • May be set on e-line or slick line using apropriate adapters and setting tools.

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