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15-179 RTR Tension Release Sub

Product Overview

The RTR is a high performance tubing mounted device used to provide a fixed amount of expansion or contraction of the tubing between stacked packers. The RTR is ideal for use between hydraulic set packers that must be shear released by straight pull. By providing elongation in the tubing between the packers, the RTR allows each packer to be individually shear released with straight pull on the tubing. The RTR is shear pinned during deployment and the force at which the tool activates is fully adjustable. Once activated by straight pull in excess of the shear value installed in the tool, the RTR will elongate sufficiently to allow the packer directly above it to shear release and relax into the retrieving position. Once the packer is shear released the RTR will stroke to it’s limit and the next packer below may now be shear released in the same manner. As standard the RTR is manufactured form materials conforming to NACE MR0175 for H2S service.



  • Simple Compact Design
  • Extremely Economical
  • Straight Pull Activation
  • Activation Force Fully Adjustable
  • Allows Stacked Packers To Release Via Straight Pull
  • Tensile Load Rating Matches Tubing
  • Pressure Rating Matches Tubing
  • Wide Variety Of Materials Available
  • All Standard and Premium Thread Connections Available

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q Extremely versatile covering multiple applications.

q Full bore ID for unrestricted flow and passage of tools.

q Solid one piece mandrel eliminates potential leak paths.

q May be packed off with tension or compression.

q May be landed in neutral, tension or compression.

q May be set and released multiple times in a single trip.

q Uses an outside jay configuration.

q Extremely compact for ease of handling and deployment.

q Extremely simple design for ease of service and re-dress.

q Double grip slip system securely holds loads from above and below.

q Packing element holds pressures from above and below.

q Integral equalizing by-pass system prevents swabbing and surging.

q Simple ¼ turn right hand set and release (optional left hand).

q May be used as retrievable bridge plug.

q Secondary safety shear release system.

q Wide variety of elastomer options available.

q Available in corrosion resistant alloys for hostile environments.

q All standard and premium thread connections available.

q 4000 psi differential pressure rating *.

q Available in wireline set version.