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15-161 & 15-162 ROV & RSJ On-Off Overshot & SLick Joint

Product Overview


The ROV is a down hole tubing mounted device that provides a means of mechanically separating and re-connecting the tubing string. The tool consists of a slick joint section and an overshot section which connect via an internal ‘J’ mechanism. To release simply apply ¼ turn left hand rotation to disengage the ‘J’ and straight pick up then allows the overshot to be disconnected from the slick joint. To re-connect lower the overshot onto the slick joint and the internal ‘J’ mechanism will automatically engage locking the two components together. A high performance bonded dual seal located in the overshot accommodates repeated disconnects and re-connections while maintaining high pressure sealing capability. As standard a wire line blanking plug profile is machined into the top of the slick joint to provide a means of blanking the tubing before disconnecting. Mechanical properties match or exceed that of the corresponding tubing. Standard configuration includes materials which conform to NACE MR-01-75 for H2S service applications. The ROV is also available in alternate materials for severe environments.



  • ¼ turn and straight pick up to release
  • Automatic set down ‘J’ to connect
  • Integral blanking plug profile
  • High performance bonded dual seal
  • Compact design for ease of deployment
  • Self centralizing overshot
  • May be shear pinned during run in
  • Full tubing ID through slick joint
  • Washover type shoe on overshot
  • Premium thread connections available
  • Premium materials available
  • Extended length version available
  • Right hand release version available

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ROV & RSJ On-Off Overshot & Slick Joint