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15-155 RH1 Hydraulic Retrievable Packer

Product Overview


The RH1 is a high performance hydraulic set single string retrievable packer designed for applications where mechanical manipulation of the packer is not possible or practical such as in high angle well bores, where multiple packers must be stacked in a single well bore, or where the well head is to be flanged up prior to setting the packer. The RH1 is set by applying pressure to the tubing string and is released by applying tension to the tubing string. An integral equalization valve ensures tubing to annulus pressure is balanced during release and retrieval. Releasing shear force is field adjustable prior to running to accommodate particular well conditions. The RH1 is the most compact packer of it's kind for ease of handling and deployment and is extremely simple and economical to service and re-dress. Reconfiguration to accommodate a change in casing weight is accomplished simply by changing only the gauge and spacer rings and does not require that the packer be disassembled. The RH1 uses the fewest o-rings of any competing product in the industry which means the fewest possible leak paths, and apart from the by-pass seal, all critical o-rings are below the packing elements resulting in the most secure and reliable packer available. Standard configuration includes materials which conform to NACE MR-01-75 for H2S service applications with differential pressure ratings of up to 7,500 psi *. The RH1 is also available in alternate materials and configurations for severe environments and higher differential pressure ratings *. A full line of accessory equipment is available such as on/off seal connectors, pump out plugs, expansion joints, tension release subs and profile nipples.



  • Largest possible bore through the packer.
  • Simple hydraulic set by pressuring up on tubing string.
  • Ideal for high angle wells or stacked completions.
  • No mandrel movement during setting.
  • Large piston area allows low setting pressures.
  • Simple straight pull shear release.
  • Fewest o-rings and leak paths of any competing product.
  • Optional test clamp allows full surface pressure test prior to running.
  • Reliable three piece multi durometer packing element.
  • Extremely compact for ease of handling and deployment.
  • Extremely simple for ease of service and re- dress.
  • Rig floor convertible to alternate casing weights without disassembly.
  • May be landed in neutral, tension or compression.
  • May be set after well head is flanged up.
  • Double acting slip system securely holds loads from above and below.
  • Packing element holds pressures from above and below.
  • Packer seals and grips tighter as pressure increases from either direction.
  • Wide variety of elastomer options available.
  • Available in corrosion resistant alloys for hostile environments.
  • All standard and premium thread connections are available.
  • Up to 7,500 psi differential pressure rating. *
  • Higher differential pressure ratings available. *

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