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15-151 RD7 Mechanical Set Double Grip Packer

Product Overview


The RD7 Packer is a mechanical set double grip single string retrievable packer designed for applications where an economical solution to zonal isolation, injection, pumping and production operations is required. The RD7 is set by simply rotating the tubing ¼ turn and is released by rotating the packer a further ¼ turn. The field proven upper slip releasing system ensures reliable release at low forces under all conditions. An integral by-pass valve reduces surge effect during run in, ensures tubing to annulus pressure is balanced during release and minimizes swabbing effect during retrieval of the packer. The RD7 may be packed off with tubing compression or tension making it an ideal choice for both deep and shallow applications. Once set the packer may be left in compression, neutral or tension and is unaffected by pressure or tubing movement. The RD7 is extremely compact for ease of handling and deployment and is extremely simple and economical to service and re-dress. When used in combination with an RPV bridge plug valve the packer becomes a versatile multi-set retrievable bridge plug. Standard configuration includes materials which conform to NACE MR-01-75 for H2S service applications with differential pressure ratings of up to 7,500 psi *. The RD7 is available in alternate materials, elastomers and configurations for severe environments. A full line of accessory equipment is available such as on/off seal connectors, expansion joints, bridge plug valves and flow control equipment.



  • Extremely versatile covering multiple applications.
  • Full bore ID for unrestricted flow and passage of tools.
  • Solid one piece mandrel eliminates potential leak paths.
  • May be packed off with tension or compression.
  • May be landed in neutral, tension or compression.
  • May be set and released multiple times in a single trip.
  • Extremely compact for ease of handling and deployment.
  • Extremely simple design for ease of service and re-dress.
  • Double grip slip system securely holds loads from above and below.
  • Packing element holds pressures from above and below.
  • Integral equalizing by-pass system prevents swabbing and surging.
  • Simple ¼ turn right hand set and release (optional left hand).
  • May be used as retrievable bridge plug.
  • Secondary safety shear release system.
  • Wide variety of elastomer options available.
  • Available in corrosion resistant alloys for hostile environments.
  • All standard and premium thread connections available.
  • Up to 7,500 psi differential pressure rating *.
  • Available in wireline set version.

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