Completion Equipment
10-112 and 10-113 R10 and R20 Hydraulic Setting Tool

Product Overview


The Resource Well Completion Technologies R10 and R20 hydraulic setting tools are tubing mounted devises used to run and set down hole equipment that is normally ran on wire line such as bridge plugs, cement retainers and permanent seal bore packers. The R series setting tools perform the same function on tubing that Baker E4 style 10 and 20 setting tools do on wire line. Tools are connected to the R10 or R20 using an appropriate adapter, and tubing pressure or a combination of tubing pressure and tubing tension are used to set and then disconnect from the tool.


The modular design of the R series setting tools allows multiple chambers to be combined on a single tool to accommodate extremely low applied pressure to operate.  A unique integral valve system allows the tubing to automatically fill while running into the well and drain while retrieving from the well.



  • Multiple chambers may be combined on a single tool to reduce operating pressure.
  • Extremely simple and reliable operation.
  • Bottom connection equivalent to Baker E4 style  10 & 20 wire line setting tools
  • Integral valve system auto fills tubing during run in and auto drains tubing during retrieval.
  • Extremely compact design for ease of handling and deployment.
  • Simple and economical to re-dress.
  • Available in various materials to suite specific well environments.
  • All standard and premium thread connections available.

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